Holder new ambulance director in Logan

By Chris Cooper - ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com

John Holder is now serving as director for the Logan County Ambulance Service. He has been serving as assistant director since 2013 and is looking forward to his promotion as a way to better serve the community.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve as director,” said Holder. “Serving people has always been something that is very important to me. Being involved in EMS allows you to help people when they need you most. I am looking forward to continuing my relationships with the dedicated and skilled men and women in Logan County who make up this ambulance service.”

Holder is originally from Adairville. He graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2007 where he took an EMT class. He didn’t realize it then that it would someday become useful in building a career.

“I got my degree in history and social studies,” said Holder. “It wasn’t until my grandfather’s funeral I was approached by a friend who was working as an EMT in Bowling Green asking what I was going to do with my EMT. I wasn’t to sure at that time what I wanted to do, so I agreed to meet with him at a later date and ended up getting hired in my first emergency service job.”

It didn’t take Holder long to realize emergency service was something he wanted to do. After all it was in his blood, being the grandson of former long serving Russellville City Fire Chief JL Williamson.

“I loved my grandfather very much. I looked up to him a great deal,” said Holder. “He was a great man.”

After completing his paramedic training, Holder was soon courted by Com-Care, Inc. and asked by it’s president Jim Duke to come join them in their mission to provide a top-notch excellent ambulance service on the rise. Com-Care, Inc. is contracted through Logan County to run the day-to-day operations and management of the ambulance service here. Com-Care, Inc. has been partnering with Logan County the past seven years.

“I cannot say enough about Com-Care. They are an extremely progressive and professional service that cares about people,” said Holder. “I am blessed to be a part of their mission.”

One of Holder’s goals is to make the community aware of how great an ambulance service they have. He says most time people don’t realize what they have until they call upon it.

“We have something really special here in Logan County. We have some of the best EMTs and paramedics working for those who live in this community. They are very well trained and truly care for the people they serve,” Holder said.

Holder’s duties will include overseeing the ambulance crews, assuring continuing education, scheduling, public relations and the daily operation of the ambulance service.

Holder and his wife Londa and their children, Ethan, 5, and Emma, 3, live in Auburn.

Com-Care, Inc. operates an Advanced Life Support, Class 1 ground ambulance service in Logan County. The base service- where Holder’s office is located is on 120 Nashville Street in Russellville. Com-Care has two 24 hour ALS crews plus additional day shift crew as needed for non-emergency transfers in Logan County. Additional on-call staff are scheduled daily to address periods of increased volume.

Com-Care acts as an agent for the county to secure grant funding from state and federal sources as related to Emergency medical services. Any equipment or funds are the sole property of the Logan County Fiscal Court. The company is in complete and total control of the management of the ambulance service, has complete and unlimited discretion in the hiring, discharge, payment and assignment of duties of the employees and personnel.


By Chris Cooper


To contact Chris Cooper, email ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

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