Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cutting for JROTC leadership reaction course

The Logan County Chamber of Commerce held a Ribbon Cutting Thursday, Sept. 29 for the Logan County High School JROTC Leadership Reaction Course.

The Leadership Reaction Course is a series of artificial problem sets constructed in a field environment. Teams work through the different problem sets to gain confidence in leadership, operational or mission planning, organizational design, teamwork, cooperation, communication, decision making, time management and self-development.

Cadets, move out by squads to each station where they attempt to solve problems. Each squad receives:

2 minute task brief

10 minute for course execution

2 minute after action review

1 minute rotate to next station

As LTC Triplett and CSM Brockman laid out the 2016/2017 school year plan last year, they were discussing how they could create and leadership development course to test student skills of what they learn in JROTC. Both agreed that a Leadership Reaction Course would achieve the leadership traits they were looking for.

“We laid out the plan of obstacles that would best bring out these leadership traits and developed plans of construction for each’” said LTC Triplett. “Once we had our plans laid out and figured in labor cost, the hard part was figuring out how to get the money.”

LTC Triplett talked to Shane Hayes, President of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce, about what they were trying to do and he said if they could get a detailed plan on what they wanted and how it would benefit the community, the Logan Chamber may be interested in helping.

“After briefing the plan, it was really all about developing young students to be better citizens and building the future leaders of our community,” said LTC Triplett. “Our motto that we have adopted for this year is One Team, One Family, One Community.”
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