Using time wisely

By Larry Sitz - Kedron Church of Christ

Ephesians 5:15-17, tells us to walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise. Redeeming the time because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. Another way we can redeem the time is that our speech be with grace, seasoned with salt, knowing how we should answer every man who is without Christ (Col. 4:5-6).

Since time is irrelevant to God who is eternal, then it stands to reason that time was created for the benefit of man. Time is probably the most important element in our life on this earth, yet we have no idea what it is. Time cannot be seen, touched, felt, or smelled, yet we are all painfully aware of its presence and passing. Time never speeds up and time never slows down. Time never takes a holiday, it is constant. We all age at exactly the same speed, because time comes to everyone at exactly the same rate, every second, every minute, every hour, of every day. No one can live a day in advance, and likewise no one can live a day over again. Time cannot be stored or saved, it must be lived, minute by minute. While time is of the utmost importance, time is not life.

Jesus did not come to this earth to add minutes to our life, He came to add life to our minutes (John 10:10). Jesus did more in his short life here than any other man that ever lived. I don’t think Jesus had a to-do list that He went by. He knew what the Father had sent Him to accomplish and He simply spent his days going about that work. When we read about a day in the life of Christ, we see His days were filled with interruptions. As He traveled with one group, He was stopped by another group, the lepers, the rich young ruler, the woman at the well. Jesus simply played life by ear, making time for all, friends and enemies alike. He even refused to let his own family put Him on a time schedule. Jesus knew that every day was “God’s Day”, so he spent each day doing the work of the Father, whatever that happened to be for that day. We should not always spend our time trying to do more, but trying to do what truely matters. We have time every day to do what God wants done, if we choose to use our time wisely. Jesus was never frantic about life, he took time to eat, time to rest, and time to socialize with friends (Mark 6:31). There is a quantity, and a quality of time in life, and we should use both wisely. Relationships take time and some things cannot and should not be rushed. I realize that I cannot be perfect for even one minute, but I can ask forgiveness and remain faithful, one day at a time. Every hour of every day is a gift from God, and there is nothing that can happen to me that God cannot handle. If we commit every day to God it will work out to our advantage, without fail. Seek His kingdom first, and use each day without worry about tomorrow (Matt. 6:33-34). The urgent things in life are seldom important and the important things in life are seldom urgent. If we study God’s Word (II Tim. 2:15), we will know the mission that He requires of us as our time on this earth swiftly passes. Then using Christ as our example, we can use each day to carry out the work that God has set before each of us. How we use that time will determine where we spend eternity, so why not use every minute of every day wisely?

We invite all who would, to come together with us each Sunday morning at Kedron on the Coopertown Road, Russellville, Kentucky, to worship God in spirit and in truth. We neither add to God’s word or take from it. Bible study at 10:00 and Worship at 11:00. Brother Richard Sitz speaks on the first Sunday of each month and Crittenden Drive church of Christ has graciously supplied us with a host of excellent guest speakers for the remaining weeks of the month and our song leader is Prentice White. We invite one and all to come visit with us and be uplifted by these fine presentations of the “Good News” of God’s Holy Word.

By Larry Sitz

Kedron Church of Christ

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