Thought of the day

By Tony A. Woodson - Pastor, Townsend Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Life is never a guarantee. We can’t manage it, control it or bank on it. Yes, life has joy, but life can also come at us fast with ubexplainable and unfair hardships. God is in the process of changing us into His image. Because He is so different than us, it takes us years to recognize all that needs to change within us to make us more like Him.

Pressure brings change. That is why He allows us to go through pressure and difficult circumstances. Think on this: All the things we go through in life, we just might be experiencing growing pains. God will plant a seed in us. He will plant dreams, plant ideas, plant the seed of hope. And that seed must grow.

we can’t do anything about the past, and we don’t know what the future holds. Bey when we wake up in the mornings, we can make up in our mind to do our best to enjoy our day. Try to strive higher, rise above obstacles and live in health, abundance and victory. Try to submit yourself to God and He will strengthen our weakness and He will heal our pain and bruises. Many thing about tomorrow, we don’t seem to understand. But we know who holds tomorrow. And we know who holds our hand! So, if by some still small voice, God calls us to paths we do not know. Just say to the Lord, “Yes,” I’ll go where You want me to go. And the church said, Amen!

By Tony A. Woodson

Pastor, Townsend Grove Missionary Baptist Church

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