Lake Malone

July 10, 2014

The party is over, July 4th has come and today is the morning after! There is nothing like this day on the lake. Everyone is in the HAPPY MODE! Every boat that went by had an American Flag flying in the breeze. As always there were people on skis, floats and wave runners trying to see who could run the fastest. Pontoons, with everybody in the family on board, came by waving to everyone on the shore. HAPPY FACES! Proud to be an American and most of all “THANKFUL TO BE FREE”! Sometimes we forget how free we are. Sometimes we just grunt and gripe and go to work and come home; but today was a different day; everybody was having fun, splashing in the water, eating watermelon, homemade ice cream and watching fireworks.

Mother Nature gave us the best weather that we have had in a while; not too hot and NO RAIN! I even got cool on my float when I jumped in the lake. One thing you have to watch though, the waves will just push you right back into the shore. The Daughter said, man this is just like being at the beach without the sand! Yep, the Daughter was here but I am sorry to say her man friend, bit the dust! So she was kicking up her heels and really having fun. I must admit he was somewhat of a “stick in the mud”! All you young people out there know what that is and even some of you old folks.

Don’t faint, even the Hubby put on his swim suit and got in the water. Everybody had a ball kidding him about his skinny legs. Everybody always has fun kidding the Hubby. He is a good old soul. He takes kidding well! But I will tell you one thing….he can catch fish. Those poor crappie did not have a chance this holiday. He sat on that dock and caught them right and left. Our neighbor came over to watch just how he did it. He even borrowed one of the Hubby’s poles and put it in the water and just shook his head when he finally gave up and went home. He muttered, “Just don’t know what his technique is but he can catch fish.” Of course our neighbor reminded him that this meant a FISH FRY should be coming up soon so all could enjoy.

Speaking of food, we had barbeque chicken, potato salad and “Green Been Bundles”; winner of last year’s recipe contest. And for dessert we had “APPLE DUMPLINS’. One of our neighbors came down to eat with us and he wanted to know where in the world I got such great recipes. You see he loves to cook! I told him that Tulip Green had a contest and I just cut them out of the paper. He brought chicken salad that had a secret ingredient and of course he would not tell us what it was. He said he just might enter it in her contest. I just smiled But I can’t wait until I see what that secret ingredient is….because that salad was “some kind of good”!

Our neighbor next door had made homemade ice-cream and of course we had to take a bowl over for a sample. Also we cut a watermelon and what would the 4th of July be without firework? We live a little ways down the “freeway” from Whiskey Bay and man did they ever have a fireworks show. My last count was 42 boats going by our house on the way up the lake. I asked the Hubby if we could just jump on the boat and tag along….of course he is a “party pooper”; he said what for, the fireworks are up in the sky and we can see them perfectly good from here. So we did and FUN WAS HAD BY ALL. One more thing, would you believe there was one poor fisherman out in all that holiday celebrating trying to catch fish. Poor thing, I bet he did not catch a one. Somebody should have told him it was the 4th of July. You are supposed to celebrate!

After all the excitement was over we went back to our card game that we had started earlier in the day and of course I did not win. Our other neighbor came over to tell us we would get to see her new grandbaby the next day and we laughed and laughed and laughed. Isn’t that what you should do on this very special Independence Day?

GOD BLESS AMERICA AND MANY THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE FOUGHT TO KEEP US SAFE AND FREE. As I always say, enjoy the moment because I am doing just that every day! Bye now