Fountain repair still ongoing

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

July 3, 2014

The fountain in the middle of downtown Russellville has been experiencing some trouble leaking over the past few years.

City workers have been attempting to correct the problem by power washing, scraped off old paint, and giving it a once over. They located one leak on the bottom and re-caulked and concreted it, however, soon after cutting the water back on this week, the leaking continued. The pump was also found to be cracked.

After some additional investigating, it was thought to have another leak under the base. This took some work and ingenuity as employees injected a substance into the base that would seal any leaks it came across.

The city installed a pressure control valve on the fountain to help keep the flow of the fountain consistent, keeping it from blowing out water haphazardly. This is why when you pass by the square you will not see water shooting from the top.

Russelville Mayor Mark Stratton said the fountain is an intricate part of the Carrico Square. It’s the centrepiece of the town and he wants to assure it will be taken care of and maintained, as to continue the beautym it brings to the city.

“We’ve been working on the fountain for the past three weeks. Last year we were losing a lot of water from the fountain, this year we were losing much more,” said the mayor. “Several things have been done to the fountain to improve its condition. We purchased a product that you spray on like a liner, which will seal out water. It’s a rubber like material.”

The fountain is very old and the city encourages visitors of the park to not only enjoy it’s beauty, but respect it’s age and integrity. There is absolutely no wading allowed in the fountain, and the city asks that no one stand on it’s sides.