Twins and Dodgers win Little League Championships

Crystin Urban Sports Reporter

June 16, 2014

The Logan County Little League teams ended their season on Friday night in the champion games. The 9-10 year-old championship game was between the Twins and the Tigers. The Twins would come through the close game and win 8-7. The 11-12 year-old championship game was between the Giants and the Dodgers. The Dodges would take off in the third and fourth innings to end the game to win 16-5.

The Tigers and the Twins would start the game with a close score. Mason Freeman would get two RBI’s in the first inning and eventually score for the Tigers. Jaquis Todd and Javon Sydnor would score two runs for the Twins but the Tigers would hold the 3-2 lead at the end of the first.

In the second inning, Ashton George scored and Mason Freeman would get another RBI to bring the Tigers up to five runs. The Twins would have a big second inning. Clark Timmons got two RBI’s, scoring Ethan Paddock and Jaxon Hendrix. Javon Sydnor would get an RBI on a sacrifice bunt and Keaton Slaughter would score a run. The Twins would take the lead of 7-5.

In the fourth inning, the Twins would get four walks to score one run to bring them to eight runs. Wyatt Blake hit a home run for the Tigers and Cameron Mount would get an RBI after scoring Marshal Gregory, but that wasn’t enough to take down the Twins. They would win 8-7.

The Tigers would get runner-up in the championship. Team members include Ashton Wyatt Blake, Connor Binkley, Mason Freeman, Ashton George, Marshal Gregory, Brady McClellan, Cameron Mount, Caleb Rogers and fill-in player Milo Brooks.

The champions were the Twins. Team members include Will Kearns, Ethan Paddock, Leroy Reis, Austin Rice, Keaton Slaughter, Javon Sydner, Clark Timmons, Jaquis Todd, Josh Todd, Colin Williams and fill-in player Jaxson Hendrix.

The Giants and the Dodgers would begin their championship game next. Dylan Penick started the game off strong for the Giants by racking up two RBI’s in the first inning. Gram Humphrey would get an RBI to get the third run for the Giants. The Dodgers would come back to tie the game at the end of the first. John Carter Myers, Jacob Burton and Anthony Woodard all had RBI’s in the inning. The teams would be tied 3-3 going into the second inning.

John Carter Myers would get two more RBI’s in the second inning for the Dodgers to put them up 5-3 at the end of the inning. Neither teams would put up any runs in the third inning so the Dodgers would hold on to their lead until the fourth inning.

The Giants would start off the fourth inning with a walk by Thomas Kash. Zach Yates would step up the plate and hit a home run, scoring two runs for the Giants. This would tie the game 5-5 as the game went into the bottom of the fourth.

Braxton Meguiar would start the Dodgers off with a home run to gain their lead back. The Dodgers would load the bases and Anthony Woodard would hit a home run, scoring four runs. the Dodgers would now lead 10-6 going into the fifth inning.

The Dodgers defense would get three outs and get back to the plate. John Carter Myers and Jesse Price would get RBI’s and score to put their lead to 14-5. Stevie McDavid would end the game after getting a hit to bring in the last two runs to win the game 16-5.

The Giants would get runner-up in the tournament. Team members include Jaden Hayes, Gram Humphrey, Chance Johnson, Thomas Kash, Darin Obenchain, Dylan Penick, Dalton Taylor, Blake Wood and fill-in player Zach Yates.

The Dodgers were the champions. Team members include Macon Barrow, Jacob Burton, Aaron Goodman, Braxton Meguiar, Stevie McDavid, Evan Mitchell, John Carter Myers, Jesse Price, Jacob Smock and Anthony Woodard.

The Little League All-Start tournaments will begin on June 27 in Bowling Green.