Stalking case sent to Grand Jury

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

March 13, 2014

The case against 18-year-old Trent Dale Willis- a Logan County High School senior who was charged with threatening to kill a fellow student - will now be heard by a Logan County Grand Jury to see if there is enough evidence to take the case to trial.

Willis appeared in court Wednesday, and according to Logan County Attorney Joe Ross, Willis’s attorney waived a preliminary hearing and sent the case to the Grand Jury.

Willis was arrested Feb. 24 and charged with second degree terroristic threatening and second degree stalking, after he admitted to police he followed a female student and confessed in detail how he wanted to murder her.

The alleged victim and Willis were not involved in a relationship, they barely knew each other at all, according to the alleged victim’s mother.

According to the arrest report, the Logan County Sheriff’s Department responded to the high school after they were made aware that Willis had made threatening comments towards a fellow student in front of two witnesses. Willis admitted to detectives to making the comments of wanting to murder the female student. He further explained that he had thought about conducting the murder with a knife (cutting her throat), strangling her with a rope, or running over her with his vehicle. He further stated he had thought about doing it at the school, according to the report.

Gail Guiling, the Commonwealth’s Attorney, will now be handling the case.