January 21, 2014

Greetings from The Antioch Community.

Visiting with Dolores Harris and Vanessa Price was Chris Epley.

The Logan-Todd WMU Quarterly meeting was held Monday at the Baptist Building. The Book Study “We’ve a story to tell” was taught by Charlotte Watkins.

After the meeting was over, we enjoyed a meal of soup and sandwiches and desserts. Those going from Antioch was Melba Gibbs, Juanita Key, Marcie Patterson and Louise Henderson.

Melba Gibbs and Chris Epley did the special Sunday morning at church. Sure was pretty.

Don’t know what happened to my new last week. I sent it in, but it didn’t make the paper.

Visiting with Christine White was Irene White, Juley Nelson, Shelby Belcher, Bro. Carmel, Jimmy White, Sarah Noe was there Thursday and brought her supper, Jeffery White was there Saturday morning and brought her breakfast.

We send sincere sympathy to the family of Michael Beliles. His mom, Barbara, is a member of our Tops group.

After Tops meeting last Wednesday Barbara Venable, Patty Campbell, Dolores Harris and myself went to Granny’s Kitchen and ate breakfast.

Little things done in Christ’s name are great things.

Sure looks like winter this morning (Tuesday) as it is snowing.

Have a good week.