Givens receives Master Coroner status

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

January 20, 2014

Logan County Coroner Mary Givens is now a Master Coroner. Givens announced she received the distinction at the Tuesday, Jan. 14 fiscal court meeting. Givens was honored with Master after having worked with several different death investigations and completing additional training hours.

A coroner is a public official who investigates what caused the death of an individual. Coroners must work closely with law enforcement officials and public health officials. A coroner’s responsibility is to determine the cause of death in cases that may be violent, accidental, or that have no real explanation. Coroners are often the person that makes the decision to initiate an investigation if they determine the cause of death to be questionable.

Prior to becoming Master certified, Givens had to accrue multiple hours of field experience ranging in different death investigations. She says receiving Master status is at the top of a three level tier.

“I am proud to hold this level of coroner,” said Givens. “I take this job very seriously, and do everything I can to respect the position, the individuals I serve, and the families who are involved.”

Givens gave a report on the 2013 deaths within the county at Tuesday’s meeting, saying they were as low as she had seen them since coming into office. There were 84 total deaths, 61 natural, 2 infant, 6 overdose, 1 homicide, 4 suicides, 6 accidents, and 4 undetermined (still in court).