Move on down, move on down the road

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

January 14, 2014

It’s quite the task to move over 30,000 books, hundreds of audio and video selections, truck loads of furnishings, shelving units that weigh a ton, and a partridge in a pear tree. However, this is exactly what staff of the Logan County Public Library have been doing these past two weeks, minus the partridge of course.

“It’s actually going faster than I had anticipated,” said King Simpson on the move. Simpson was recently named director of the library soon after the death of his predecessor, Linda Kompanik. “The move has been flowing quite well. We have moved over most everything, and set up at the new building is taking place now.

The new library building, located on Armory Drive in Russellville, is expected to open Feb. 3, but the challenge of switching over from old to new has been going on since Jan. 2. The staff has been packing thousands of books on wooden carts provided by a moving company out of Indiana.

“The carts have been very useful,” said Simpson. “We have been able to get hundreds on just one cart and then roll them out to the truck.” Furnishings and especially the shelves used to hold the books have been a little more difficult.

Simpson said they are waiting on some of the newer and larger pieces that will go inside the new building, such as the front desk, end panels for the existing shelves, and also more shelving units for the children’s books. These are expected to come in and be installed by the end of January.

“Staying organized has been the most stressful,” said Simpson. “Utilizing everyone’s help and making sure we follow steps before moving onto the next one.”

It’s been a bitter sweet move for Simpson. He said he met his wife Taylor at the library on 6th Street and remembers working for Linda (Kompanik) there.

“It’s kind of a weird feeling,” said Simpson. “But I know this is going to be great for the people of Logan County. We will be able to offer them a better library experience now, and will be living up to our full potential. So I am also very excited to be moving.”

For Evelyn Richardson, former regional librarian and steadfast library volunteer, leaving the old library building just means going to a better future.

“If there were no future with this move, I’d be devastated,” said Richardson on the empty building that once was the library. “But we know what we are getting, and it is very exciting. I appreciate the foundation the library has set for the future of Logan County.”

An auction is scheduled for the public on Saturday, Jan. 25 at 10 a.m. at the old building on 6th Street. There will be several items sold this day that are not being taken to the new building. All will be sold to the highest bidder. Also on Friday, Jan. 24, the Friends of the Library will be having a book sale at the old site beginning at 9 a.m. Proceeds from both sales will go to help purchase new materials for the new location.