Ladies want to take mission to next level

OJ Stapleton Editor

January 13, 2014

There is no shortage of families in need in Logan County and two Russellville women are doing whatever they can to help those that could use hand.

Jana Hardin and Sheila Cook met each other after they created individual Facebook pages to help needy families in Logan County. Soon after they became aware that they shared the same mission, they joined together and now have a joint dream.

Both Hardin and Cook, through their pages Logan County Cares and Mommies In Need, have helped families in Russellville and Logan County get needed clothes and household items for several months now.

The ladies put out calls for help through their Facebook communities and then take donations and make sure they get to where they are needed.

“We don’t always have everything that someone needs, but we can usually get most of it,” Hardin said.

Cook said that she started collecting clothes and other household items after seeing so many posting on Facebook asking for help.

“I just kept seeing all these people that were needing things, but not getting any help,” Cook said.

And then she started doing what she can.

Hardin’s mission grew out of her work through the Logan County Foster Parents Association.

“It just started for me when I was helping other foster parents by sharing things like baby beds and jumpers and other baby items,” Hardin said.

Over the past few months, Cook and Hardin have helped families get food, diapers, clothing and even bigger items like beds, stoves and other furniture.

“You wouldn’t believe how many people need beds,” Hardin said. “Even if we can just get them a mattress, that’s better than what a lot of them are sleeping on. Just getting some families a mattress means that their children aren’t sleeping on the floor anymore.”

No one is in need is left to fend for themselves, but the ladies do not give an financial assistance.

“We don’t want to turn anybody away, but we don’t want to be taken advantage of either,” Cook said.

But accepting donations has begun to take on a life of its own.

“All the donated items have taken over my garage and are now creeping into my house,” Hardin said.

Cook said the donated items have long since taken over most of her Fourth Street home.

And that is why the women are hoping to take their work to the next level.

Instead of simply supplying the items to those in need from their houses, Hardin and Cook would like to find a central location to use as a base of operations.

“We would really like to see it turn into something like a ‘store’ one day,” Hardin said. “Someplace where all the clothes could be sorted by size and families could come in and just pick up a few items that they might need free of charge.”

But without much of a budget to pay for things like rent and utilities, the ladies who have helped so many in the community are now asking for help of their own.

“If anybody would be willing to let us use a building or rent us something super cheap, that would be great,” Hardin said.

That way the work could continue and even more people in need could be helped.

If you would like to help, you can contact Hardin at or Cook at