Christians have feelings too

December 5, 2013

Dear Editor:

Last week as I traveled through the square in downtown Russellville I noticed the city had put up a number of banners hanging from light posts around the square. The banners said: “Happy Holidays.” I cannot fully express the disgust within me whenever or wherever I hear that despicable phrase uttered.

Our once great nation founded on Judea-Christian ethics has now forsaken the very God who has allowed this nation to become what it is. We have gone so far to be “politically correct” and appeasing to everything that we have totally lost sight of God and the meaning of why we even celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is a compound word derived from combining the word Christ (Messiah or Savior) with the old Latin word Mass which deeply means mission. Therefore Christmas is the remembrance of the mission of Jesus Christ which began with His earthly birth that we traditionally celebrate on December 25th.

Over the years, Satan has worked his way into the hearts of many, non-believers and believers alike, and convinced those folks to accept concepts and ideas that are contrary to belief in God. The great deceiver has gone so far as to not only replace the truth as to why we celebrate Christmas, but to infiltrate the government that promotes, supports and condones the abandonment of God in favor of the few who don’t believe and oppose the word of Jesus.

We who are Christians have feelings too! I guess the folk who oppose the true reason for the season feel that Christians are just forgiving doormats that will accept and tolerate anything that is offensive to us for the sake of not being offensive or confrontational ourselves. Well, that is not the case with some of us. We have sat on our hands too long and it is time for all Christians to stand up for Christ and His teachings in all things. I sincerely feel that the commercialization of Christmas is a totally deceptive measure that has permeated even the Christian community. I find the phrase “Happy Holidays” to be very offensive and extremely crass and ignorant. I would rather see no recognition at all if not done in the true essence of the spirit of Christmas. A nativity scene or use of the phrase, “Merry Christmas” are truly the only acceptable means of remembering the greatest gift man has received.

Chris Tighe