Humane Society looking for ‘right’ person to serve as ACO

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

November 28, 2013

Travis Kodiak, Logan County’s Animal Control Officer (ACO), will be leaving the job this week for another employment opportunity. Kodiak has been serving as ACO for over a year. He is responsible for picking up stray dogs in Logan County and transporting them to the Logan County Animal Shelter, which is facilitated by the Logan County Humane Society.

With the leaving of Kodiak, questions arose during Tuesday’s Logan County Fiscal Court meeting from Ginger Lawrence, director of the Emergency Communications Center (ECC), about who will be handling the animal calls that come in while the Humane Society is looking for another ACO.

All stray, abused or neglected dog calls come through the dispatch center at 726-4911 first before being handed over to the ACO, who will then respond to the calls. Lawrence said the dispatch receives numerous calls each day about stray animals and she wanted to know who she needed to direct those calls to now that Kodiak will no longer be serving as animal control.

According to the contract between the county and the Logan County Humane Society, which facilitates the ACO position, local law enforcement are to take over the duties of animal control when he or she is not available to do so. This means if there are complaints on dogs in the unincorporated areas of the county, it will be the sheriff’s department who will respond, and if there are calls in the four cities of Logan County, the city’s law enforcement will be required to respond.

The position of animal control became the responsibility of the Humane Society over three years ago. The position used to be under the direction of the Logan County Sheriff’s Department, however, the county felt the position could be better served under the direction of the society.

Gail Guiling, who serves on the Humane Society Board of Directors, said it shouldn’t take long to fill the ACO position, and asks citizens for their patience.

“We will be interviewing for the ACO position as soon as we can,” said Guiling. “We will be taking the necessary time to assure the proper person is hired to do the job right. This position takes a very special person, and although we understand Logan County needs an ACO as soon as possible, we also understand it may take time to locate that right person.”