Panthers still learning and improving

Crystin Urban Sports Reporter

November 22, 2013

The Russellville Panther basketball team is working hard to prepare for the upcoming season. The team is lacking in numbers until the football season ends, but the young players are improving and ready to get the season started.

“Right now we have a young team and they are between learning and doing things right. They are hesitating and not going full speed and we need them go to game speed at all times. They are learning and getting better but seven out of the eleven players are freshman and several of them do not have experience. They are working on getting used to me,” said head coach Phil Todd. “I’m impatient and I’m trying to rush things because we are not as far as I thought we should be but these boys have been here everyday working hard and improving. I’m not looking to have my football players until after the state championship.”

Right now the team is lacking most of the varsity players because they are still involved with football. Todd says he is preparing to have a young team start the first few games of the season. Todd says he has a lot of good players with potential on the team now but they are still young.

“I believe this season we are going to be competitive. When we get back some of our experienced players I think they will work well together. This year we have no size so we are going to have to work hard on defense. I think the season will have its ups and downs but we will have a good team by the district tournament and that’s all that counts,” said Todd. “We are looking forward to a good season and playing our best. As long as the team improves from the beginning of the season to the end, that is a successful season no matter what the record is.”

The Panthers will have their first scrimmage of the season on Monday at Greenwood High School. The varsity will start at 7 p.m. The Panther first regular season game will be at home on December 3, against the Muhlenberg Mustangs starting at 7:30 p.m.