Price LESS IGA comes to Russellville offering a new concept in shopping

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

November 21, 2013

Timmy Poole, manager at Russellville’s new Price LESS IGA, says he is excited about what his store will be offering the residents of Russellville, and the county as a whole when he opens Thursday, Dec. 5 at 8 a.m.

The new grocery store is replacing the Save-A-Lot - once located in Logan Square off of Armory Drive and 4th Street.

Poole, who also served as manager for years at the Save-A-Lot location, said the Price LESS IGA store will be offering a new concept of shopping, one he believes will save customers more on a buggy of groceries than any other place in town.

“This is going to be a wonderful opportunity for the shopper,” said Poole. “We will not only be offering name brand items, but will also be providing the shopper with a whole new savings, along with an adequate amount of updates to modernize your shopping experience.”

Price LESS foods utilizes the cost plus method. This method is used to determine the selling price based on the cost of the product. Product cost is determined by the total expense it takes to buy and get the product from the supplier to the shelf. Once cost is determined, that becomes the price at the shelf. At the point of purchase (the check-stand), 10 percent is added to all purchases, and that total becomes the final price.

“This is a different concept than people are used to, but by doing it this way the customer can see what it costs us to get the item on the shelf, and what we are actually charging them for it,” said Poole.

When shopping the customer does not always know how much they are paying above cost for a product, whereas with Price LESS IGA, you will be able to see how much that is, said Poole.

Those who were familiar with Save-A-Lot will feel like they have walked into a totally different store when shopping at the Price LESS IGA. Almost everything has changed, except the good and dedicated customer service, which has gone from 12 employees to 55 employees to help you with your shopping experience.

“I am so proud that we have been able to increase the employment here in Russellville at the Price LESS IGA. Anytime you can add 43 jobs to a small community, well that is just something to celebrate,” said Poole.

Many grocery stores run weekly specials at deeply discounted prices. That usually means that the other prices in the store must be more profitable in order to balance to an acceptable profit. At Price Less foods, they strive to sell every item at a value, every day by applying the principle of cost plus.

Poole said one of the items he will be selling that he is most excited about is the ever popular Keuring K40 Classic Brewing System, and its accompanying flavor cups.

“In other stores you may see this product for between $80-$90, at the Price LESS IGA it will be sold for $70,” said Poole.

Some of the other changes the customers will notice are new shelving, new freezer units, a new spring loaded meat case, new buggies, and a new cold walk-in “beer cave.” There will be five check-out lanes and one for tobacco purchases to expedite the shopping experience. A huge variety of foods will be sold along with fresh meat, fruits and vegetables.

A butcher and produce manager will be on hand to answer any questions, as will Poole who wants customers to know that although the store and all it has to offer will be immense, the small-town touch will not be lost, and he will be available for any questions customers may have including wanting a specific product on the shelves. “I you want it, I will do everything I can to get it,” said Poole.

Price LESS IGA will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.