Lady Cougars win Region 4 championship

Crystin Urban Sports Reporter

November 4, 2013

After a five-game match against Bowling Green, the Logan County Lady Cougars would go another five games against the South Warren Lady Spartans in the Fourth Region championship game on Thursday.

The Lady Cougars fought hard to win the title 3-2 (26-24, 24-26, 25-20, 22-25, 15-13) against the Lady Spartans.

In the opening game, the Lady Cougars and the Lady Spartans would battle and keep the game tied throughout the entire game. The Lady Cougars would get a small lead, but the Lady Spartans would always come back. The two teams would tie the game 24-24, but the Lady Cougars would pull through with a 26-24 win.

The second game the Lady Cougars would start behind. They would come back and tie the game at 11-11 and would fight through the rest of the game, but the Lady Spartans would fight back just as hard. The Lady Cougars would make a few mistakes and fall 24-26. The two teams would tie the game 1-1.

The third match was quick for the Lady Cougars, They would have the game tied at 11-11 but the Lady Cougars would play smart and would gain a lead and keep it. The Lady Cougars would win the third match 25-20 putting them up 2-1.

The two teams would have another tough battle during the fourth game. They would keep the game tied until 12-12. Then the Lady Spartans would take a strong lead of 20-13 over the Lady Cougars. The Lady Spartans would get up to 24-16, but the Lady Cougars fought hard and won six straight points, but would end the game with a loss of 22-25. The teams would be tied 2-2 as they went into the tie-breaking game.

The Lady Cougars would play hard and start the game out strong. They would eventually have a 10-5 lead over the Lady Spartans, but the Lady Spartans would make a comeback. The Lady Cougars would give up their lead as the Lady Spartans would tie the game 13-13. The Lady Cougars became alert and realized what they had to do and would win the next two points, winning the Region 4 championship.

Chanler Steenbergen would lead the Lady Cougars with 22 kills. Senior Rachyl Miller would follow with 12 and Senior Katelyn Jones would finish with seven. Jones would lead with 11 blocks. Brianna Wooden finished with 10 and Miller with five. Senior Madison Abbott would finish the night with 28 digs. Senior Victoria Cates would follow with 25 and Miller with 19.

“It was all really physically and mentally draining for the girls, especially after the Wednesday night game. It took a real toll on the girls, more than they realized. South Warren played a good game but I think we were all just drained,” said head coach Steven Lyne. “After we won the first game 26-24 I knew it was going to be a rough night. The girls were telling me they were physically wore out. After South Warren came back to tie the fifth game 13-13 I called a time out and told the girls they had to play aggressive and play with heart and whoever wants it would win. I was amazed that they came back when I knew they were hurting.”

Coach Lyne says he was happy they got to play on their home court. Lyne says the atmosphere was amazing and that the big crowd really helped to energize the girls.

“People were coming up to me that had never been to a game before and were telling me how awesome it was. It was really cool to see all the support we had and it really means a lot for the team,” said Lyne.

The Lady Cougars will head to the state tournament in Louisville on Friday morning and play Raceland at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.