Lake Malone

October 24, 2013


I had to take my shorts off. Long pants and a sweat shirt is the dress of the day.

Since our weather has not been very good I have not been shopping like I should. You see the day I was going the sun did not come out and I just could not make myself get out in the weather. Instead of me thinking how wonderful it is to see those little drops fall from the sky, I thought “oh my gosh”, another rainy day. I just don’t want to do anything much less go shopping. I guess it is wonderful during the spring and summer but when the leaves are falling and they are so wet, it is just awful.

Speaking of leaves, there is nothing more fun than trying to sweep wet leaves. Unless it is trying to pick them up and get them in a pile. I do believe they are worse than my spider problem. They are big, wet and they seem to multiply as the weather seems to get colder

You know this time of the year I find it more fun to “SNUGGLE” than to get out in the weather. You know just lay back in your oversize lounge chair; cover up with your favorite blanket and just watch the leaves fall. There is only one problem with that, before you know it you have blurred vision and slurred speech. Yep, that is right… you are fast asleep. All of a sudden I heard this voice off in the distance. It was coming from my kitchen. “WOMAN WE DON’T HAVE ANY BREAD”! I knew the Hubby was upset when he used his ANGRY VOICE. Just to look at him you would think he didn’t have an angry bone in his body. But when he doesn’t have any bread to eat then I am in trouble. He loves bread. I do believe I could live forever without bread but not the Hubby. After I got the “LOOK”, I thought I better get on the stick and not only get some bread; I better buy something to put on it! As you well know grocery shopping is not my favorite past time!

Instead of snuggling in my chair this meant that I had to make a trip to Wal-Mart; my favorite place. You don’t live by “bread alone”! I always need important things like scotch tape, light bulbs, and pot holders. They always have everything I need and of course some things I don’t need but those are the things that just seem to “jump in my basket”. That’s what I tell the Hubby when he asks “what in the heck did you buy this for?”

He reminded me before I left that we were having company for the weekend. It is going to be the “last” company of the season. The guy is an old fishing buddy from way back when he was young. And of course they both fished a lot together and to hear them talk about it; they caught all the fish in the world!

Needless to say, I got my list and proceeded to go and do my grocery shopping. I was coming home from Wal-Mart and I remembered that the Hubby wanted me to get some steaks and of course since I did not write it on my list, I completely forgot to get them. I thought about it when I came by the car garage in Lewisburg and saw a pile of watermelons outside. Now you wonder why in the world would watermelons bring steaks to my mind. The Hubby loves watermelons and when I thought of the Hubby, I immediately remembered that I did not get the steaks. So I just dropped in the IGA in Lewisburg and the butcher cut the prettiest steaks you have ever seen. Not only were they pretty but they were “OUT OF THIS WORLD”. So if you ever want to impress company, get steaks at the IGA. Of course we don’t eat steak very often, only when we want to impress the Hubby’s friend. We usually cook fish but since this friend loves fishing just like he does, he thought we should eat something different. Oh by the way, I picked up one of those watermelons. A little boy about six years old came running out to my car and was happy to take my money and he remembered to say thank you and if it was not good just bring it back.

It’s Sunday, the company has come and gone and I will once again start on a new project. You know I just have to have something going on all the time. That is all I will mention about the upcoming seasons. I just love this time of the year. I will save all my thoughts and share them with you during the coming months. Get your holiday spirit ready, it’s time to celebrate.

Till next time, this is Tulip Green sending you love and happiness. Reach out and grab it! Bye Now.