October 17, 2013

Greetings from the Antioch Community.

We had a guest speaker, Brian Schutts, at church Sunday morning.

Our W.O.M. Ladies met Sunday night for our monthly meeting. Those present were Marcie Patterson, Melba Gibbs, Dolores Harris, Myrtle Pogue, Rosie Yarnell, Judy White, Ava Nell Clardy and Louise Henderson.

Vanessa Price is in the Hospital at this time. Please remember her in your Prayers.

Dr. Larry Gotts was on Feedback with Don on Tuesday. Enjoyed the questions called in and the answers that the good doctor gave. I always look forward when the doctor is on Feedback.

Sue Fuller has had a cold and not feeling good. James still has good days and bad days with his breathing.

Sorry that I misspelled the new baby’s name. It should have been Abel. He has a Bible name.

Christine White attended the wedding of her granddaughter, Shelby Nelson and Ethan Belch on Saturday. She said it was a beautiful wedding.

Visiting with Christine was Dorothy Henderson, Jimmy White, Juley Nelson, Shelby, Ethan Belcher and Irene White.

Visiting with Myrtle Pogue was Farmer Brown, Jean Grise, Sue, Bill Gilliam from Texas.

God’s love stands when all else fails.

Have a Good Week.