Lady Panthers recognize seniors

Crystin Faenza Sports Reporter

October 11, 2013

The Russellville Lady Panther volleyball team faced the Hopkinsville Lady Tigers on Monday night. But before the game began, the Lady Panthers took time to recognize their four seniors who have played a huge role on the team. The Lady Panthers would fall 1-2 to the Lady Tigers, but the Lady Panthers played an exciting game to keep the crowd on the edge of their seats.

The first game started off slow for the Lady Panthers as the Lady Tigers would gain a big lead on them early in the game. The Lady Panthers would get down ten points with a score of 9-19. But they would go on a nine point streak and come within two points of the Lady Tigers. But the Lady Tigers played hard and won the first match 25-18.

During the second match, the Lady Panthers would be the ones to gain the lead early in the game. They would lead by just a couple of points but would eventually increase their lead to 20-16. They Lady Panthers played smart and would win the second match 25-17, sending the two teams into the tie breaker.

The Lady Tigers would start out with a small lead of five points early in the game, but the Lady Panthers would catch up and tie the game 13-13. The two teams would battle back and forth for the lead until the Lady Panthers took over the game with a lead of 20-18. They would hold the lead with 23-22, but the Lady Panthers would make a few mistakes and it would cost them the game as they fell 23-25.

“The seniors were ready to execute the plays we had been working on over the week. They were a little emotional by it being their last home game. Khalia played a good game and had a lot of good, hard hits. The game was fast pace tempo which kept them on their toes,” said head coach Deborah Elliot. “Devonna had some good serves, with good digs from both her, Shea, Monsera and Chelsea. The second match went better with good serves and digs. It was a good game but they had some big mistakes.”

Before the game, the Lady Panthers took time to recognize their four seniors on the team. The seniors this year were Kayla Costelow, Shea Hampton, Khalia Hampton and Devonna Sydnor.

“I have really grown attached to all four girls. There is never a dull minute. The first time I met Khalia she was really distant but she has come a long way with attitude and her hitting ability. Shea was a stubborn girl but after talking with her she is a very sweet young lady who can do great things if she applies herself. With Devonna there is never a sad time when shes around. Kayla wants to let you know what she wants but is willing to change and has a great future ahead of her,” said head coach Deborah Elliot. “I have grown to love and respect each girl in different ways. They all can and will be very successful in life. They have great parents and most importantly God in their lives.”