October 10, 2013

Greetings from The Antioch Community.

Odessa Johnson spent the last week with her son, Rodney and wife Karen. She enjoyed her visit.

Sheila and Jimmy Christian are home after spending a week in Florida. Others going were Travis, Christie Chick and their children. Nick, Stephanie Christian and their children. They were enjoying Fall Break.

Sue and James Fuller are doing very well.

Congratulations to Miranda and Dustin Connely on the birth of a baby boy. his name is Able. He has two little big sisters to help take care of him.

Sure am glad Christine White is better and able to be at home. Visitors in to see her was Juanita Key, Sue Addison, Irene White, Jimmy White, Jeffery White, Juley and Shelby Nelson and Miranda Logsdon.

Tammy Sears did the special at church Sunday morning.

Some October birthdays are Joe Delk 3, Trevor Christian 4, Hannah Statton 6, Noah Hurt 11, Tony Fuller 13, Caleb Epley 14, my son Marion Thomas Henderson 17, Mae White 24, Hazel Fleming 24, Tammy Givens 28, Sandra Sharp 29.

Hope each one has a Blessed Birthday.

I enjoyed listening to Gerald Hildabrand with his music on the Radio on Tuesday morning.

When we love Christ, we love others.

Have a good week.