October 10, 2013

Hello! Hope you have had a good week. Farmers are especially busy with hay, tobacco and all that goes on on the farm.

Our sympathy to the girls Delores, Cindy and Sherry and their families in the death of their mom Maxine Hinton. God can and will bless.

Elaine, bless her heart, is always sending me meals and I sure enjoy them. Lannie Jernigan and Johnny Richardson brought my supper Monday night.

Mu Sunday school class the “Thurthseekers” met Tuesday at KFC. Those going were Wanda Coursey, Virginia Hart, Lois Ann Cornelius, Patty Campbell, Ada Dorris and Joyce Chapman. I didn’t get to go as I had eye surgery at that time in Dr. McCubbin’s office. maybe next time, however, Wanda was nice enough to bring me my supper, thank you. Oh, about to forget Hester Martin.

Welcome a new baby arriving Thursday at the Medical Center was master Abel Logan Gray Connally. he arrived at 8:09, weighing in a 8 pounds and 6 ounces and was 19 1/4 inches. His parents are Miranda and Dustin Connally. He has 2 big sisters to help take care of him, Addison and Bayleigh. His local great-grandparents are Sue and James Fuller and grandparents are Tony and Marsha Fuller and Mike and Hope Strode. Enjoy, it just doesn’t seem like any time they are all grown up.

Glad Curtis Coursey is home after several days in the hospital, but he still has some problems, but better.

Have you ever listened to John Hagee, the TV preacher? I listened the other night when he spoke on the end times and the blood moons. I tell you, if you are not prepared for eternity, you should do that now. One of these days the Lord will just have his full of us and as the song says, “Son, go bring My children home.” Are you ready?

Last Saturday night Judy Jernigan, Kim and Johnny Richardson and Grace and Cassidy Jernigan attended a wedding at Hazel Creek Church. This was Lannie’s nephew Gavin Hill and his bride Ashley O’Bannon. They said it was a beautiful wedding. best wishes to the young couple.

How about some October birthdays? The 9th Sheila Barrow and Connie Williams, the 10th George Whitson, the 12th Dianne Porter, the 15th Kathy Basham and Trishia Penrod, the 19th Evelyn Skipworth, the 21st Freddy Borders, the 23rd Helen Porter, the 24th Susan McLellan and Hazel, the 25th Edwin Scarbrough and Tom Webb and the 29th Yash Singh and niece Sandra Sharp. An October anniversary is Jason and Baahnah Hendley on the 30th. Enjoy your days.

Those in this week have been Hester Martin, Bro. Art Hatfield, Ronnie Thornberry and Judy Jernigan.

Today (Sunday) has been a very dreary day, in fact I stayed in, but I think I could have made it to church today.

Stay well if you can and have a good week. See ya!