Adairville sells part of old Hosiery Mill

OJ Stapleton Editor

October 10, 2013

When Adairville mayor Donna Blake woke up in the middle of the night with an idea last month, she had no idea just how quickly it would come to fruition.

One night in September, Blake woke up with the thought that she should try an market the old Auburn Hosiery Mill building in Adairville to all the businesses in Springfield, Tenn.

“I decided I would just write this letter and send it to all the businesses in Springfield,” Blake said. “I just told them that we’ve got this building for sale and asked them if they could use it.”

Blake mailed out the letters on a Monday morning. On Tuesday afternoon, the city got a call from Pro Solutions LLC out of Springfield.

“They wanted to come and look at the building and it just moved quick after that,” Blake said.

Less than one month later, a deal was finalized this week between the business and the city.

“The timing was perfect and all we lack now is getting it surveyed and it will be theirs,” Blake said. “It just went really quick. We shot them a price and they shot us a price back and then we all agreed on it.”

Pro Solutions will be purchasing the new warehouse portion of the property for $185,000.

“We initially told them we wanted $200,000 for it, but they came back and said they’d take it for $185,000 and I didn’t want $15,000 to keep them from coming to Adairville,” Blake said.

Not too bad considering the building was gifted to the city when the Auburn Hosiery Mill picked up and left town for good about four years ago.

“The whole thing pretty much had to be a God thing,” Blake said. “It was just amazing how fast it went.”

Blake said that Pro Solutions will both warehouse and retail farm supplies at the building such as fertilizer and seed.

“They expect to have their seed corn here in November,” she said.

The company is moving the operation from Franklin, where they have been leasing a building.

The new business will have four employees - two of which already live in Adairville, Blake said.

“They will be paying taxes on inventory and property - this is a good thing for the city,” Blake added.

Adairville will still keep ownership of the office building and the old warehouse at the old Hosiery Mill property.

“We are looking into how much it would cost to just tear down the old warehouse,” Blake said. “There is so much mold growing in there that I don’t know if that could ever be used for anything.”