I salute all those involved in ending a blight on America Dear Editor:

Steve Everett Elkton

October 7, 2013

America wasn’t born perfect and we remain an imperfect nation. We have, however, become a better nation over the years, decades and centuries.

Although many were opposed, we began a civil war in 1861 to end slavery. Although many were opposed, in 1920 we passed the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote. Although many are opposed, beginning on Jan. 1st, 2014, America will end the shame of being the last modern industrialized nation on this planet to implement a health care system that provides access to affordable health care to all of it’s citizens.

I salute all those involved in ending this blight on America beginning with the 44th president of our country who led the way, motivated after watching his own mother battle not only cancer, but also simultaneously having to battle insurance companies to pay for care. I salute the Congress who passed this legislation and the voters who elected their representatives.

It’s only a beginning, but it is at least a beginning to America becoming a healthier nation. If you didn’t already know, if you pay for your own insurance, or don’t have any, then on Oct. 1st just go online and begin shopping for a competitive plan, which in most cases will be lower than in the past when insurance companies were monopolies.

Better competitive practices must also be implemented from primary care, to specialists to hospitals which will further bring down the overall costs of health care in America.