Commonwealth charges local man with sexual abuse

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

October 7, 2013

Jason A. Brown, 27, of First Street in Russellville, was indicted Sept. 27, 2013, on 20 counts of Sexual Abuse, first degree and one count of being a Persistent Felony Offender.

According to the Commonwealth, on or between Nov. 1, 2012, and March 17, 2013, Brown, knowingly and unlawfully committed the offense of Sexual Abuse, first degree when being 21 years or more, subjected a minor under the age of 12 to sexual contact for sexual gratification.

The Commonwealth also contend that Brown be indicted as a Persistent Felony offender for his previous convictions of the following felonies:

Complicity to TICS, Methamphetamine, first degree, Unlawful Distribution of Methamphetamine Precursor, first degree, Use/Possess Drug Paraphernalia, second offense, Manufacturing Methamphetamine, first offense, Controlled Substance Endangering to a Child, fourth degree; Making False Statements to Obtain Increase of Benefits Over $100.

Brown is currently in jail serving a felony sentence. He is scheduled to be arraigned Oct. 17 at 8:30 a.m. in a Logan County Court.

The function of the Grand Jury is to determine whether there is sufficient competent evidence to believe that a crime has been committed by a specific individual. This does not mean those individuals are guilty of a crime. The innocence or guilt is finally determined by a petit jury at trial.