June 27, 2013

Greetings! According to the calendar summer arrived on Friday, June 21st. Already we have had a few warmer days, so expect more soon I’m sure.

On Father’s Day at the home of Sue and James Fuller for breakfast were, Bryan and Jessica Fuller, Tony and Marsha Fuller, Maranda Connally and girls, Addison and Bayleigh. They of course enjoyed being together.

Sorry Helen Kennedy has been in the hospital. Hope she is now able to be back home.

Fathers Day at the home of Lasley Johnson were his boys, Chris and Alicia Johnson, Meredith and Cade, Jeff and Sheila Barrow, Phyliss Dukes, Mitchell and Heather Johnson and Jenny, Janet and Wesley Wright and Weston. They all had a good day too.

Shawn and Shane, grandsons of Pat and Rozena Stanley and greats of Martine Brown have been visiting from Tennessee. They of course enjoy seeing and havign the boys.

And also visiting with great-granny Martine has been Kayla. They play a lot of games. Who wins? Forgot to ask.

Brenda Coursey visited awhile with Virginia Hart one day this past week bringing squash and they are good. Charlie brought me some too.

We had a good day here Thursday. Sherry Harris from Louisville came down. Lasley Johnson came with his barbecue and buns, Sue Fuller with cabbage, watermelon and dessert, Louise Henderson brought limas, vegetable salad (which is very good) and corn muffins, and I fixed corn and a dish combination with squash, potatoes, carrots, onions and other stuff. Also here was Joe Harris of Stuarts Ridge. We had lots of eats and visiting, which we really enjoy. Sherry went home Saturday morning.

Some known July birthdays are, Danny Johnson the 3rd, the 15th Leo Duncan, Lasley Johnson and Michaela Sweeney, the 16th Wayne Jenkins, the 17th Audry Webb, the 19th our dentist Dr. Michael Koller and Adairville’s special guy Mr. Dick Dickerson. Back up a minute, the 7th is Bob Birdwhistle, the 28th Julie Whitson and the 29th Kimber and Derek, our twins.

I have a question, I know someone knows the answer. What do you do to prevent fingernails from splitting? I have one that aggravates me, it hangs on everything, so help.

We had 18 going to camp after Sunday school, had prayers for them, then they exited the church on their way. Hope the have a good week, I’m sure they will.

Until next time smile God loves you, he does. Remember He died for you. See ya!