April 24, 2013

Quite a contrast in the weather this week, as well as you know. It was in the 80s a few days, then back in the 30s. At least we can keep warm and then cooler when we need to. Aren’t we blessed with a lot of conveniences? Are we as thankful as we should be?

Lannie and Judy Jernigan attended a funeral service Monday in Hopkinsville at the veteran’s Cemetery of a friend. Then on Thursday, they attended another funeral service in Greenville.

Visiting awhile with Sue and James Fuller were their granddaughter and family Dustin and Maranda Connally and girls Addision (she was the birthday girl) and Bayleigh. They had birthday cake and had a good time. This was Sunday afternoon.

Bro. Ray Gilliand (father of Corrie Fuller) had surgery recently and is home and doing alright. He had his surgery at Jennie Stuart in Hopkinsville.

Roberta Gilliam of Clearwater, Florida, a good close friend of Sue and James Fuller, is to have surgery this week. Hope she does well and is soon back to her usual activities.

Isn’t everything so pretty and green? New life is popping up everywhere. It reminds me more of the crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Love and be so blessed, He loved you enough to die for you.

You, of course, know Lon Sosh. He is the pastor of Calvery’s Chapel in Russellville on East 3rd, in the back of the old Klien’s building. Their services are only 1 hour long from 8:45-9:45 a.m. This church is a growing church. If you are not in church anywhere, why not go and even if you are already involved, you still have time to attend other services. I think you will be blessed. Give it a try.

Also on WRUS Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m., you can hear Lon on a 30 minute program, which is good listening. So turn on your radio and listen. I keep my radio dial always on WRUS.

Those that have been in here this week have been Lannie and Judy Jernigan, Stacey Jernigan and Martha Williams.

And so now I have a new perm, it was so long, I was ready. Many thanks that there are people who know how to do these things. All I can do is rake a comb through and I’m ready. Elaine is so good to come up on Sunday mornings to fix my hair. She is good and I’m not. Whatever my calling is, it isn’t to fix hair. I appreciate those that can. Isn’t it great that we are gifted in many ways, but not everyone alike?

Have a good week, make someone smile, you will feel better and so will they.