March 21, 2013

Hello from historic Adairville, Kentucky home of the Cardinals. I am so glad I live in this wonderful little town with such nice people, good churches, top winning school and such a colorful history. Actually Adairville is one of the most historic towns in western Kentucky. In time. as the town struggles to reinvent it’s self due to the loss of it’s two largest employers (sausage plant and hosiery mill); Adairville will come back. Using our history seems to be one of the most promising ways to bring prosperity back to our town.

Saving the Peter Cartwright House (oldest in the county?), moving the Hite House to town as a tourist site, relocating a one room school house, moving a small ole time “mom and pop” grocery building back to town for tourist and students to visit and enjoy are just a few things that can help our town. The further development of Cook’s (Savage) Cave can also help our town tremendously. The educational aspect and potential of the cave is tremendous for Adairville and Logan County.

This Saturday is a big day for Adairville, weather permitting. The Adairville Cornhole Tournament kicks off this Saturday morning on the town square. (Adairville’s top teams challenge all comers in Logan and surrounding counties.) It is very doubtful that any teams from Lewisburg, Auburn, Russellville or other towns can hold a candle to the Adairville teams. We will see. I say this with a smile because I want them to try. The ultamate winners will be the county champions.

Weather permitting this Saturday will see the kickoff of the corn hole tournament 10 a.m., parade 1 p.m., 2 p.m. big Easter Egg Hunt on the town square, plus an Easter Hat Contest, bake sale, games for the kids and lots of fun. (Louisville and Adairville are the last two towns in the state that hold Easter Parades so come and support this great tradition.)

Mayor Donna Blake’s message on Face Book this week is to remember the loss of Ricky Smith, Ella Hester Kelly, Betty Stratton and Martin Humphrey. She is continuing her search for a grocery store for the town, searching for grants to help build a new fire hall or an addition to the one we have and other things that will help the town.

The 431 Cafe has a new adventure planned. A Rook Tournament starting Thursday April 4th at 5 PM. There is a $5 entry fee with a pot split. Good food will be available and a lot of fun. My partner Charlie Starks and I challenge all comers. I will personally give a trophy to the winners of this first night of Rook. (Charlie and I are counting of winning and keeping the trophy on display at the Adairville Hardware Store.)

The 431 Cafe (Grill) has new expanded hours. (Means she is making a little money - smile.) Monday - Thursday 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. till the Rook tournament starts. Friday and Saturday 6 a.m.- 8 p.m.and Sunday 6 a.m.- 2.p.m. Bring your family and stop in for a meal.

Mrs. Nancy’s Gift Shop across from the BP Station is offering a great sale for the next 10 days. This is Adairville’s one and only gift shop. Please support it! It is such a wonderful shop and we are lucky to have it. Help us keep it by shopping there.

The BP and Sonny’s Lotto Store are discontinuing the sale of groceries. That means a stop at the Dollar General Store or a drive of 12 miles to Russellville or to Springfield.

Have you called Barnes Insurance to check and see if they can offer you auto, home owers or crop insurance cheaper than any one else. I think they can. Call them and find out.

Remember that on Easter Sunday Adairville Baptist is planning special services as is Calvery Baptist. Calvery is sponsoring a Sunrise Easter Service and breakfast. Other churches are invited to attend. Also remember that the Adairville Church of Christ and Methodist Church both have covered dish lunch on 5th Sundays. That is on a quarterly bases when there are five Sundays in the month.

PAT ON THE BACK for the week goes to Duke Adamson. (I strongly believe in recognizing nice deeds.) Duke is a young 22 year old waiter/server at the Pizza Hut Restaurant in Russellville (across from the Dollar General Grocery in Russellville.) He is an outstanding waiter, polite, fast and kind. He told me he had a young lady and child that he loved and worked so as to provide a good life for them. I think this young fellow will go far with his good attitude, polite ways and good service. A big pat on the back for Duke Adamson.

WITH A SMILE - Went on a wonderful four day get a way to the mountains of east Tennessee with three cousins. (All widows of a sort.) One a Baptist preacher, another a post office manager, one retired prison educator and myself. We ate, rode a historic train, went to a good movie, watched the deer and other wild animals, played lots of Rook and had a wonderful time. We hope to do it again next year. We repeated a long tradition that our parents and grand parents had done before us for over 75 years. How wonderful to have family and to have a good time together.

Till next time good night to the good folks at the churches of Adairville and surrounding area, to the staff of this newspaper who work so hard, to the best cake baker at the local Methodist Church, to “Sweet Bertie Angel” and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.