February 14, 2013

Hello from Adairville, Kentucky the great little town that is the golden glow of Logan County. I started on this column some four hours ago and just as I was about to finish up the computer went off and I lost my labor of love for the past several hours. I am sick about it as I as scheduled to depart in a few hours for Atlanta and a major poultry show. I am sorry that my full article will not be here this week because I wrote such nice things about you. At any rate I will put in a few things that I did touch on.

- Mayor Blake has a very informative facebook site. It is listed under Donna Russell Blake. If you do facebook check Donna’s site out. I am aware she is looking for a grocery store for Adairville. Hopefully the son and daughter of the late owner of the store property on the town square in Adairville. They are very nice Egyptian Americans and are Christians. (Egyptian Coptic Christians I believe.)

The mayor is also working hard to bring back what I call little league ball for and girls. Call city hall for more information. The mayor is also working on a very comprehensive Corn hole tournament that will start up next month. Call city hall for more information

I noticed a great picture of Alan and Britanny Walker on facebook. I have been their guest twice for a really nice meal. I was also treated to their fine piano and singing. In fact the Walker family has been blessed with great voices for at least four or five generations. I could listen to any or all of them sing for hours. The are better than the old Spear Family of years ago, (The Spears and Happy Goodman families were two of the great Gospel singing families in American history.)

Last Saturday night was a rousing success at the 431 Grill on the town square. The place was packed. Clay Bleu and his invited guest of singers brought the crowd and could all those folks sing. Look out Webb Restaurant in Lewisburg. I use to think the best singers were all up in the northern part of the county. At any rate it was a great night and every seat in the restaurant was full. I know I met a lot of nice people and had a wonderful meal. (I took notes and included a lot of names in the earlier article that I wrote but will have to wait till next week to write all of it again.)

I want to say hello to Frank and Virginia Ritter. Frank was an old class mate of mine in college and went on to a great career as a newspaper writer. He won many awards over a number of years. I think it was Frank’s lucky day when he met Virginia Trimble of Adairville. Frank has suffered a number of stokes during the past several years and can no longer hear. He does read a lot and enjoys Adairville. Virginia is working on a book about her life, the death of her daughter some years ago and the final call to justice and the trial of the man who murdered her daughter.

Easter is right around the corner and I am working on a parade for Adairville’s big Easter Celebration one weekend prior to Easter. We will also have a big egg hunt for the kids. I think it has been the largest in the county for several years. The second and third weeks of May will be Strawberry Festival time. If interested in a booth or a special event contact one of the officers of the Adairville/South Logan Chamber of Commerce.

It is almost 5 a.m. and I need to get a few hours of sleep so I am going to call it quits for the night. Sorry about the shortness of this column but my earlier story was lost due to the new computer resetting it’s self.

Good night all the folks at the Adairville Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist and the Adairville Church of Christ. It would not hurt any of us to go to church on Sunday and take your kids. You will be a better person for it. Good night Sweet Bertie Angel and Mrs. Callabash where ever you are..