February 14, 2013

Greetings from the Antioch community.

I would like to correct a mistake that was in the Antioch news last week. The house that burned in Bum Paw was the home as James Christmas. Their daughter Kathy called me and she said everyone was okay. She said they saved a lot of stuff. She said their clothes were not burned, just smoked. She said to thank every one who came and helped, but they didn’t need any clothes or anything.

I had the privilege to go to the Fisher House at Fort Campbell on Thursday of last week. Annie Statton drove and Keith and Bobby Jean Burnett went. We ate lunch at O’Charley’s, which we enjoyed. The Fisher House is really nice and located next to the Hospital. The families of the soldiers who are in the hospital can stay in the Fisher House free. Annie and Bobbie Jean carried a donation of $1,400. If you or your church would like to help, just get in touch with Bobbie Jean or Zelma Cundiff. Our church had helped the last two years. It is a blessing to save your change for this worthy cause.

We held out WOM meeting on Friday of last week in the Fellowship Hall. We only had five members present, but had a good meeting. We were to meet in the home with Christine White, but she was admitted to the Logan Memorial Hospital, but she is home now.

Visiting with Dolores Harris and Vanessa Price Sunday night was Jason, Susan, Brandon and Abbie Appling. They brought food from the Kentucky Fried Chicken and ate supper together. Susan is talented for making beautiful cakes.

We were so glad to have Cheryl and Roy Flewallen with us at church Sunday. For special Cheryle played a couple of songs for us. She is so talented. We really enjoyed hearing her play the Piano.

Visiting with Myrtle Pogue was Helen and Deann Porter, Darlene and Farmer Brown.

Talked to my brother-in-law this morning, James Fuller, and he wasn’t feeling too good. Said he was having trouble breathing for the last three days. Keep him and all the sick in your prayers.

Juanita Key and Sue Addison have spent a few days in Bowling Green with Sue’s son, Nathan.

Our Pastor was out visiting last week and he stopped by to see me.

Visiting with Christine White while she was in the Hospital was Joey, Sherry White, Jimmy, Judy White, Melissa Reno, Jessica Robey, Shelby, Juley, Thomas Nelson, Calvin Williams, Jimmy Christian, Kim Berry and Jeanette and Irene White.

Since she has been home, Jeffery White came Saturday morning and brought her Breakfast. Jerry and Irene White was there Saturday and got her groceries. Dorothy Henderson and Jeanette. If we left anyone out, we are sorry. Christine said it was hard to remember everybody.

Our words need actions behind them.

Have a good week.