November 15, 2012

A beautiful sunshiny Saturday morning. As usual, I’m cold. Seems like I cannot keep warm. I actually dread cold weather, and how was your week?

Our corespondent’s Christmas party will soon be here, it is the first Friday in December, which is the 7th. We will try to be there by 11:30 a.m.

Virginia Hart is hopefully beginning to feel some better, that stuff is hard to get over.

I know Rufus Coursey is glad to be back home. He has recently had knee replacement. He sounds good on the phone.

Barbara Borders had some kind of knee surgery at Greenview this week, is home and hopefully doing well.

Wilmer Delk has again been in the local hospital and now is in Sky for more treatments, hope he can soon be back home and feeling lots better.

Our sympathy to the family of Edith Statton. Her services were this past week.

Bro. Kinnith and Marilyn Morris were supper guests of his sis Martine Brown. They live in Hopkinsville. Hopefully Marilyn is feeling some better.

I hear that Ray Mullen is again in the Medical Center in Bowling Green, maybe he can soon be back home.

Sunday, being Veteran’s Day, the guys were asked to stand and I think there were 5: Danny Coursey, C.W. Harris, Bryan Keene, Richard Steward and Don Owen. There are really no words to say how much we thank you for taking care of us. You are a special kind of people.

Remember last week I asked about the okra dish? I now have the recipe, thanks to Joan Mohon. I’m eager to make it, just as soon as I get the ingredients.

Those that have been in and out here this past week have been Marvine Borders, Stacey Jernigan and Cassidy and also David Jernigan, he was the one that got me to church these past 2 Sundays. Usually Steve Timberlake does this and when he is unable David graciously gets the job done. So many thanks to those that are willing to help this way. People as a usual thing are willing to help. So again, thanks.

Wish all of you a very good “Turkey day.” See ya next time.