November 15, 2012

Greetings from The Antioch Community.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Boy! It sure was a frost at my house Tuesday morning. Guess it is that time of year, but I sure do dread the winter weather.

Our W.O.M. Ladies met on Friday of last week in the Fellowship Hall at church with four members present. They were Marcie Patterson, Melba Gibbs, Myrtle Pogue and myself. We had a good meeting, even if we were few in number.

We will meet in the home with Christine White in December for our Christmas meeting.

Vanessa Price spend Wednesday through Monday in The Medical Center in Bowling Green. We are glad that she got to come home Monday. Staying with Dolores was Erine and Fayden Beadnell, Danielle and Zeke Harris.

My brother-in-law, James Fuller, was feeling a little better and he went to church Sunday morning. Keep him and all the sick in your prayers.

Saturday, November the 10th was my sister’s 75th Birthday. She was gone two months. We still miss her, of course. But we know she is at peace now and don’t hath to suffer with that cancer any more.

Visiting with Myrtle Pogue was Roger Belcher and Lois Earl Brown. Lois Earl was a good Samaritan. He brought Myrtle to the W.O.M. meeting and Melba drove her home.

Visiting with Don and Rosie Yarnell was their daughter, Donna Zekucia from Illinois and their grandson Shane Zekucia from Iowa. Shane attended church Sunday morning with his Grandpa at Antioch.

Mark, Kau Thornberry and son Colton visited with us at Antioch on Sunday. Sure was good to see them. Mark told us about their trip to North Dakota to help the Indians during the Sunday school hour. They carried a large number of bicycles to them. They sure were excited to get them.

Jimmy Christian had a Heart Attack early Saturday morning. He will hath to have surgery. Please keep him in your prayers.

Sorry I missed Sarah Noe and Thomas Nelson in the news last week as they visited with Christine White.

This week, Juley Nelson came Thursday and Friday with supper for her mom, Jerry, Irene White, Juanita Key, Jimmy and Judy White were there.

God’s whisper of comfort helps quiet the noise of our trials.