November 8, 2012

Hello from historic and beautiful downtown Adairville. One of the prettiest little towns in the commonwealth.

Thank goodness the elections are over. I am worn out and ready for the phone to stop ringing. Congrats to all the winners. A fine group was elected in Adairville. Donna Black is our new mayor. Looks like the third try was a charm. She won with 76% of the vote. Becky Tinch, Danny Finch, Art Violette, Brent Johnson, Michelle Trimble and Bill Steen were elected to the six member council. They are all good citizens and will serve the citizens well. I look for some good things for the city to come. Thank you to Jim Wilkerson for his service as mayor and to Tony Nichols for his service as councilman.

I had a fun time this morning (Wednesday) on Don Neagle’s “Talk Back” Show on WRUS Radio. We talked about the election results on the local, state and national levels. That Don is so quick and can remember names better than anyone else I know. After the show I had several people to remind me that in my 2012 predictions I had predicted that President Obama was going to lose. Guess I will eat crow on that one.

I do have a slight correction to make. Last Friday I had write ups on each candidate for council and mayor and tried to include exactly what they sent to me. In the case of Art Violet’s write up his wife sent the article to me and signed her name at the end of the message. Art wanted me to be sure and let everyone know he wrote the article and his wife sent it while he was at work.

The big shock of the week has been the untimely death of the school principal at the Adairville School. I expect today’s edition of this paper will have a full accounting. I do know that the man was well liked and ran a top winning school along with an outstanding staff. Condolences go out to his family.

There is a very special event scheduled for Adairville for this Saturday afternoon and evening at the Fish & Game Club. The event is a fund raiser for Nannette Starks King to help her with expenses during her fight with liver cancer. She has recently returned from medical attention in Houston, Texas. She is now undergoing treatment in Nashville.

Nannette is very young to have such a serious illness. She has been so vibrant in her efforts to help Adairville. From her work at the Fish & Game Club, chairman of the Strawberry Festival, President of the Adairville/South Logan Chamber of Commerce, an officer in the local historical society, active in the Adairville Church of Christ, helping restore the Adairville town square, keeping flowers blooming in the park each year, painting and fixing up the square, serving as the cemetery sexton and helping develop the Fish & Game Club as a major training site for school archery. She worked tirelessly obtaining grant money for supplies, bows, targets and arrows. She promoted archery in surrounding towns and helped get the program well established here in the county. It would be good to see a lot of the archery students and their parents attend.

Corn Hole pitching registration runs from 3 P.M. till 3:30 P.M. The competition begins at 3:30 PM. The dinner will start at 6 P.M. Wayne Stratton & the Fish & Game Club will provide the food. (There is no charge for the food but donations will be accepted. The ever popular “Mr. Clay Bilyeu, from Russellville will provide the music. There will be a big auction with many nice items being provided. I know there is a new stove that will be auctioned. The public is invited to attend.

There will be a gun raffle, a 50/50 sale, and other fun things. Bobby Blackford will be the auctioneer. Additional items for the auction would be greatly appreciated. It is going to be a great evening so come early and enjoy yourself.

The Fish & Game Club is three bocks east of the stop light on the square in Adairville. There is no admission charge, only a donation for the food you eat. Bring the entire family. Come help support Nannette as she has supported our town.


Joe Angel continues to be very sick in the hospital in Nashville. Pneumonia has returned.

Harold Prince is home and working on regaining some of the 80 pounds he lost over the last couple of months while in the hospital.

I saw Big Daddy Bobbalou at WRUS Radio this morning. Since retiring from the radio station he has gone into the ministry. He was at the station to promote an up coming revival. He was in a wheel chair and looking a bit weak. Here is hoping that he continues to recover and that his revival is a great success,

Food, Food and More Food:

I hear the little store at Dot is now serving a great fish dinner on Friday nights only. Seems like all the food is very good there.

I had the fish dinner at the “431 Cafe” last Friday evening. It was a good dinner and the portions of slaw and white beans were very good. The waitresses were very attentive and deserved their tips.


“With hurricanes, tornadoes, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of swine flu and terrorist attacks. Are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?” stated by Jay Leno


Good night “Big Daddy” Leslie & Matt Martin, Bennie & Margaret Mason, Gail Mason, Paul Mayes, Darlene McGee, Linda Sears, “Sweet Bertie Angel” and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.