October 18, 2012

Hello from historic Adairville on the island between the north and south branches of the Red River. One of the oldest sites of permanent human residence in North America. A land once the home of a vast array of many varieties of prehistoric animals that drew early man to the area for the abundance of wild game, fish from the Red River and the safety of the caves that abound near both branches of the river.

A place equally attractive to early pioneer settlers for many of the same reasons plus the rich soil that became a real drawing card for early farmers. For parts of the last three centuries European and Africa settlers have joined the native Indians in knowing a good place when they found it.

Archaeologists have already found prehistoric animal and human bones that date back over 11,000 years and believe that the site known as Cook’s Cave and more recently called Savage Cave will prove to house proof of human settlement that goes back some 18,000 or more years. This would put our site as one of the three oldest in North America for such finds. Makes me want to go to my back yard and start digging.

Back in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s there were at least three salt peter mines located on the west side of Adairville. Peter Cartwright’s father left a record regarding these in his will which is mentioned in a book on the history of Logan County. I think one of these mines is under my property on the Adairville town square.

The Gunderson brothers have all mentioned their father talking about following the passageways of a cave which took him under the town square. He said that he could hear traffic on the road above. Others have reported that there is a small lake under the town square. There is a cave near the old city cemetery on the west side of town and under the old Peter Cartwright House that leads to the nearby river. Still others refer to a cave that leads from the river through town and runs towards the Adairville school. I wish I could explore everyone of them.

Possibly, one day we can develop some of these caves, mines and the like and help bring tourists to our town and help us provide jobs for our community. I am all for looking at new ways to help bring our community back.

I am currently searching for any old documents that might offer a description of the locations of any local caves, mines and/or a description of any of our early forts or stations as they were called. If you have any such information please contact me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could construct a reproduction of one of the forts that protected the early settlers of our area. There are three such forts in eastern Kentucky but none in the western part of the state. It would be a great draw for school children and tourist from all over.

I talked to the governor about this two weeks ago when he was in Russellville. He expressed real interest.

Possibly, State Representative Martha Jane King could help us get a state development grant.

I drove to Chicago in the middle of last week to attend a board meeting and then back here so as to attend three dog shows in Nashville. What a great time. Saw a lot of people from Logan County at the dog shows.

This Tuesday I drove to Knoxville and was the speaker for a large meeting. That too was a good experience. Think I will stay home for a while now.

At last report Joe Angel was in the Intensive Care Unit at a near by hospital. One of his lungs had collapsed and he had pneumonia. It is reported that he is in grave condition.

I love diet Snapple. It is actually a healthy soft drink. I also learn a little information from each bottle cap Example: Real facts#906, Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.

# 820 Relative to size, the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.

# 829 Women’s hearts beat faster than a man’s heart.

# 807 Karate originated in India.

# 701 It takes more water to fill a bathtub than it does to enjoy an average-length shower.

WITH A SMILE Someone recently asked if it was true that I write most of my columns barefooted. Well, yes it is true. I have done this since I was a kid. I get to thinking and writing and the old shoes come off.

A few weeks ago I was writing a column in the news room at the paper and the shoes were off and I did not even realize it. When I finished up one shoe was missing for a while. Found it after a brief search.

Years ago when I was attending George Peabody for Teachers I was a senior and President of the Student Body. I took an important test and off went the shoes. When the test was over I went to put the shoes back on and they were missing. (I later heard my professor was in on that caper.) At any rate I had a meeting with the college president and several foreign dignitaries. I went right on to the meeting all dressed up and with no shoes. I did not say a word. The college president was taken aback but said nothing. The Japanese officials all smiled and took repeated pictures with me. Later I was told by the college president that the Japanese said their visit to our campus was the highlight of their entire trip to America. They had been able to meet a “real American Hillbilly.”

That same year I got to meet Rose Kennedy, the late president Kennedy’s mother, when she visited the school campus and presented a large check for the future Kennedy Center. I was so excited to meet this famous lady who held the hearts of millions of Americans. Upon our introduction she grasped my hand and gave me a firm hand shake and then bent over to me and said “I hear you are a real American Hillbilly and go bare footed.” She then winked. Well, I hear that I turned a beet red. Later that day Mrs. Kennedy winked at me twice. I later was told that the college president had related the story to her about my bare foot day with the Japanese educators. I always smile when I hear Rose Kennedy’s name and think what a good sport she was.

Time to go. So I will say good night Janie Gregory, Peter Petel, Alberta Sanders, Harold & Cecil Prince, Judge & Mrs.Fuqua, Mrs. Don Neagle, Ronna Knuckles, the ladies at the South Logan Water Department,

Julia Starks, Gail Mason, Bette Finch, the Earl Letts, Jane Holloway, “Sweet Bertie Angel” and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.