December 24, 2008

MikeT. I just want to ask our mayor Zick why our towns sidewalks are all broken and cracked and its dangerous if you stump your toe while walking. I have almost. This town gets plenty money off people like myself. all the taxes they put on us. The water taxes and sewage and library tax and property tax i paid last month. Whats the problem? Does the mayor even care enough to listen. i think he does things that helps him out or some one in office. We deserve to know where our money is spent. i am a homeowner and i work hard for my money and i should get answers. If it were his street that had cracked sidewalks he would be on it. My street is a deadend and it gets ignored alot i think. i do gripe alot i know people say but i just care about our town. I come from a big city Nashville,tn and i am not use to things being overlooked and no effort made to see about what needs repair. I moved here 20 years ago and own a house and try to keep it in shape and do whatever it takes, I work in my yard everyday. My neighbors behind me and in front do not take care of their property like me. It makes our street look bad. its a deadend street but still need repairs in street and sidewalks are not right. There are people on payroll but seems to me they do nothing or drive around making housecalls as they do on Cornelius Ave. just to talk to people i watch this happen. If everyone did their job i would have no gripes. Someone needs to step up to plate and see who works and does do jobs that need done. sorry if i offended anyone but it needed saying and i am not afraid to speak up . Isn't that what america is about. Mike Taylor 304 Cornelius Ave.