About Us

The chronology of Russellville, Logan County, and even Kentucky runs along an almost  identical timeline with the News-Democrat & Leader. The direct lineage of the newspaper can be traced to the first newspaper in Russellville, which began publication in 1806, only 14 years after Kentucky became a state with Logan as one of its original counties. Russellville, the county seat, celebrated its bicentennial in 1998, making the city only eight years older than the newspaper.

The Logan County News merged with another newspaper, The Democrat, in 1911, with this merger the News-Democrat made its first appearance. In 1968, some former employees of the News-Democrat, including Editor Al Smith, started a competing newspaper called The Logan Leader. Within a few months, the two companies merged. For 25 years the two papers were published by the same company under different names each week. Now the twice-weekly publication goes under the same combined named, the News-Democrat & Leader.

What hasn’t changed from the beginning has been the newspaper’s commitment to the community and its people, regardless of what name is on the masthead. The News-Democrat & Leader doesn’t try to cover national and international news, except as its relates to Logan County and the surrounding area. The focus of the news content is on Logan County and its people.

Logan County is large enough that an abundance of news is generated within its boundaries. The Land of Logan is the 8th largest county in Kentucky in terms of square miles and has over 500 miles of roads, including a new four-lane highway that bisects the county from east to west, joining I-65 at Bowling Green to I-24 near Cadiz. Improvements to U.S. 431, which runs from Tennessee to Indiana, are underway.

Most of those among the population of some 26,000 people who want to work are employed. The jobless rate is running consistently below state levels. Much of this is because of the large number of manufacturing plants in the county. In fact, Logan has the highest percentage of its workers in the state involved in manufacturing. One of the industries and the largest employer is

Logan Aluminum, the world’s most advanced aluminum can stock manufacturing plant. The wide range of product mixes includes two international companies, Canada-based Ventura Plastics and Japan-headquartered J.S. Technos, both involved in the automobile industry.

Yet agriculture remains a strong driving force in the Logan County economy. Some of Kentucky’s richest farm land helps Logan farmers rank among the top 10 in the state in the production of a number of crops.

The county also has a number of recreational and tourist attractions, including Lake Malone, Shakertown at South Union, antiques shops, and a public indoor swimming pool, complete with fitness facilities.

Two highly regarded, technologically advanced public school systems plus private schools are available, and the Russellville Area Technology Center is part of Kentucky’s ever improving vocational and adult learning network.

Logan County Public Library is modern and well-stocked. Headquartered in Russellville, it has branches in the other three cities in the county, Adairville, Auburn and Lewisburg.

The Logan County Chamber of Commerce is active in promoting the welfare of the entire county. North and South Logan also have smaller chambers while Auburn offers an active Tourism Commission. The Logan County Economic Development Commission is a joint endeavor of city and county governments plus businesses and industries.

Visit Russellville and Logan County whenever you can. And if you can’t be with us in person, visit the web site of the News-Democrat & Leader regularly. Through the pages of the N-D&L (whether on newsprint or in cyberspace), Logan Countians have known what’s going on in their community for over 200 years.