By Larry Sitz Kedron Church of Christ

By Larry Sitz

Kedron Church of Christ

We often hear and read of the body of Christ, but what exactly is the body of Christ? The bible tells us that the body of Christ is the church (Col. 1:24). So it stands to reason, that if the church is the body of Christ, then the head of that body must be Jesus Christ (Col. 1:18). God has given Christ authority over all things in the church, which is His body, the fullness of him that fills all in all (Eph. 1:22-23). To be in Christ is to be in His body, and that body is His church. We can logically deduct that the body of Christ and His church are one and the same.

Now since we, by the bible have proven beyond all doubt, that the church and the body are one, what about the kingdom? Both Jesus and John proclaimed that the kingdom of heaven was at hand (Matt. 3:1-2, 4:17). Jesus even went so far as to say that some disciples standing there at that time would not taste death, till they see the Son of man coming in His kingdom (Matt. 16:28). Either there are some extremely old men living on this earth, or the kingdom of heaven has already come with power, as Jesus plainly stated that it would. If we care to read a little further, we see this very prediction coming to fruition on the day of Pentecost in the second chapter of Acts. In Matthew chapter 16, Jesus promised to build His church upon the proclamation of Peter that He was indeed the Son of the living God, and would give the apostles the keys to the kingdom. He used the word church and kingdom interchangeably. Thus according to the very words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, His church, His body, and His kingdom are definitely one and the same. The one church belongs to Christ, the same is the body of Christ, and the same is the kingdom of Christ and He is the head and Savior of that one body (Eph. 5:23).

As the human body has one head and one body, consisting of many parts or members, so does the spiritual body of Christ. The one church body is controlled by the one head, Jesus Christ. The church body is made up of many members who perform the various tasks as directed by the head. Although not every member has the same ability, all member's jobs are important to the function and well being of the body as a whole(I Cor. 12:20). Every member is to have the same care for every other member, of this spiritual body (I Cor. 12:25-27). With Jesus Christ directing the body in love, every member should walk reverently in love, just as Jesus loves each member, that His church should be holy and without blemish (Eph. 5:21-27). Each of us as members must uphold the church before each other, and an unbelieving world. The scriptures emphasize that we should be of one mind (II Cor. 13:11), that the world might see Christ in us and come to Him, before it is eternally too late.

Since the bible explains what the body of Christ is, one may ask, "how do I get into this spiritual body with one head, one mind, and one purpose?" On the day of Pentecost Peter preached to the Jews in Jerusalem. When they asked what to do, he told them, "Repent ye, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins" (Acts 2:38). And, "As many as received his word were baptized and there were added to them that day about three thousand souls" (Acts 2:41). We then read, "And the Lord added day by day those who were being saved" (Acts 2:47). Friends, may I urge you to put your faith in Jesus Christ and surrender to Him in baptism. The Lord will then add you to His body, the church, and after living a faithful life, you will have a home with Him in heaven for all eternity.