By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

Old Man Winter is on his way! He is blowing his breath so hard it's shaking the leaves right off the trees. My little plants are crying so "LOUD" for me to take them inside my little glass room. The boats are disappearing up toward Shady Cliff and the state dock to be taken out of the water.And I must admit I was just got depressed yesterday. The wonderful people, who own a boat storage on Deer Lick, came and picked up our little fishing boat. The Hubby was a little under the weather so they told me not to worry, they would put the cover on it and put it safely out of the bad weather!

Yes, all the fishing poles, floats and those hooks that are guaranteed to catch fish, have found a home in an already "full capacity" space in our garage. Well, I give up "fall" is here!

I can't say another word until I tell you what a wonderful "leaf show" Mother Nature has put on for all of us who keep running and down the roads. My little road looks like a wonderful multicolor tunnel of fall leaves. Yes, you know what is next. The storm that they have been promising will hit here in the night and in the morning all the leaves will be laying on the ground. Oh, well, you know Mother Nature is always in charge! For some reason she doesn't listen to me very often. That reminds me, the Hubby doesn't either!

I do have another BIG surprise for you. Yep, Shady Cliff Resort has a new owner. I found out today that it is open already. I am so excited, I plan on going over and checking things out and will let you know all about it. Hey, better still you might just drive over and check for yourself. Not only did I get "hugged by a Spook at Wayne's Place, I found out all this information that I have just related to you. They will not be open on Monday but will have specials each week and a new menu. They will remain open up until the end of the year and closed during the month of January. Also they are taking reservations for Thanksgiving Dinner. When you go by, just tell them that old Tulip Green sent you.

Don't forget the "Big Blue" takes the floor and the old blue jacket will be ready for the games. Until then, enjoy every moment cause you know I am! Bye now.