By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

Well, folks you haven’t heard from me in a couple of weeks because the lake is dead! Yep, as the old saying goes “dead as a door knob”! I haven’t seen a night fisherman in days… more pretty lights and music floating over the water. All I can think of is it’s gonna be a long “cold winter” season. Man, I have got to get in a better mood.

I will mention that my dear friend across the lake, who inspired me to learn to drive our boat, flipped on some gorgeous light that are all across the front of her house. So being the great neighbor I am, I just flipped on my lights too but I must say mine are not as pretty. So I guess you know what that means…buy some more lights or pull out all your Christmas lights. When I mention this the Hubby he went into orbit. NO he shouted. We haven’t even got through the pumpkin and turkey season and you want to pull out Christmas lights. Well, folks I guess I won’t be doing that just yet. But wait and see, maybe after I rake the leaves that are raining all over the place I will just take a “peek” into the big plastic tubs I have out back to see if they are still working.

I will have to tell you that I am not the only fisher woman on the lake. My neighbor three houses down caught a cat fish that was so big she just had to brag and send me a picture. I had to admit her fish was larger than the one I caught. She said she did not have a scale to weight it but in the picture that fish looked like it went from her bare foot all the way up to her waist. And she’s a pretty tall woman. Of course she then told me she had help from her Hubby pulling it in. You see the stupid fish swam through the arms of a big yellow plastic chair got tangled up and not only did they pull out the fish but the chair as well. I bet she thought she had a whale! Yep, you got it, they dressed the fish for dinner and the chair was picked up by the trash man.

I almost forgot that we have had some of the most beautiful sun rises and sun sets I have seen in a long time. Everyone on the lake has been putting them on Facebook.

Only one of my little ducks made it through the summer. The Hubby told me that little duck must be a female because she could really squawk! That didn’t over so well with me.

I must say good bye and remind you to enjoy every moment cause we don’t know when it will SNOW! Oops…I said an ugly word! Bye now.