By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

I will give you one guess what is happening on the lake right at this moment! Yep, Raining. I think Mother Nature gets up every morning and says, "I think I will just rain all over the world so they will appreciate it when I let my sun shine through! Of course this is Sunday afternoon, just when everyone wanted to be out on the lake and of course it is "boat free"! Yesterday you would have to have a "shoe horn" to squeeze one more boat in the mass of boats out there. Then of course this black cloud blew in and everyone one just disappeared.

I mentioned last week that we were taking our first fishing trip and I would fill you in on the action. Well, needless to say, it was a disaster. First the fish were not biting. Then we were not use to fishing on this particular boat and all our equipment left over from last year wouldn't work! I got a fish hook stuck in my finger and the Hubby got a sun burn! We were yelling at each other and stumbling over our stuff and finally I told the Hubby we were not supposed to catch fish today! Of course he wanted to know what did that matter….I didn't know how to fish anyway. Now, that is really when the fight started!

For starters, there was no fish in our last year's favorite place. Then I always use crickets and the fish did not like them this trip so I had to use the Hubby's worms. Ladies, if you go fishing with your Hubby be sure to purchase crickets and worms for yourself. You see I used all the Hubby's worms. Now we did find fish in one place by a big tree that had fallen in the water. You got it…..I was forever getting my line tangled in that tree and since we did not have a trolling motor, the boat kept creeping backwards away from this particular spot. So, finally I showed the Hubby how to tie a rope to one of the limbs. Guess what, we caught fish. We ate our favorite peanut butter crackers and drank our cokes and then the sun came out. After lunch we decided to come on in and Howard cleaned fish and I cleaned the boat. You know that "stuff" they have in the worm boxes, it was all over everything in that boat. So old TG pulled her hose around the house and just washed the whole thing down. After so many malfunctions with our old equipment, we made a trip to Walmart. I now have a new rod and reel and I was told that I had no excuse not to catch fish on our next fishing trip.

I can't possibly let this piece of news pass. There is this house that I have been keeping my eye on all winter. They have been building and building and you know how women are…nosey. Well, she has a party each year and I was hoping she would invite me and guess what….she did. I have never tasted such great food and saw such a beautiful house in my life. I thanked her as I left for including me and she said, "well, if the lights on and there's music playing, just come on over. She made a big mistake there. My little "four wheeler" knows the way.

Bad news, I have not received any Cheerio coupons. No invitation to be on television but I have one strange story to tell you. I saw a Blue Hearn, you know the one with the long neck, catch a fish right in front of my house. She swallowed it whole and held her head straight up and you should have seen that fish jumping inside her throat on the way down to her stomach.

Once again I encourage you to drop by Wayne's Place and try their new brand of ice cream. You see I had a sample when the Hubby went to get our worms. Just how romantic can you be…fishing worms and ice cream. Anytime you are bored, just come on down, I'll be waiting here enjoying the moment. Bye now.