By Deputy Pamela Fuller, L.C.D.C. Education Director

My name is Pamela Fuller and I am the Educational Director at the Logan County Detention Center. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the programs that we have for the offenders.

The Logan County Detention Center currently has the PearsonVue GED Program with 10 students working toward their GED. The GED teacher is Pamela Holdcraft. Pam has a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and is certified to teach gifted education. Pam has 40 years of teaching experience; most of that time teaching was here in Logan County.

The Logan County Detention Center is also a PearsonVue Testing Center and tests the offenders here at the facility. I am the Pearson Vue certified GED test administrator. I have been a Deputy here at the Logan County Detention Center for 9½ years. I became the Educational Director last January. Prior to working at the Logan County Detention Center, I worked in the Daviess County, Todd County, Russellville, and Logan County School systems as a Substitute Teacher and as an Instructional Assistant.

Jailer Phil Gregory has brought back several educational rehabilitation programs and has started several new ones. All programs are recognized by the Kentucky Department of Corrections and offenders receive work credit for completing them, as well as time off of their sentence.

The Logan County Detention Center offers MRT based programs: Moral Recognition Therapy, Parenting and Family Values, Family Support and most recently Anger Management. The MRT programs use the Cognitive-Behavioral approach to assist the offenders in making positive changes and preventing recidivism. All MRT programs are evidence-based. Research consistently shows that offenders who have completed at least one of the MRT courses have re-arrests and reincarceration rates lower than that of their counterparts who have not completed the course.

The Logan County Detention Center offers PORTAL New Direction which is a re-entry program. This program gives the offender a head start to finding jobs, managing money, working with probation and parole and entering into the community.

The Logan County Detention Center offers Substance Abuse class instructed by Leon Mueller and Rita Oliver. Mr. Mueller, who is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, has been working in this field for several years and serves Warren County Regional Jail as well.

The Logan County Detention Center offers several faith-based programs lead by various religious organizations and denominations in the community. There are 19 churches participating in these programs.

We are very proud of the programs that we have been able to continue and the new one we have added. Our goal is to give the offenders the tools that they need to successfully return to their families and community; therefore, not return to jail or prison. Jailer Gregory makes sure that the necessary tools are being provided to the offenders at no cost to the taxpayer. Tools such as reading materials, pencils, papers, calculators, and laptops are being funded through the commissary account. The tools we offer them will help them to: find and keep jobs, pay child support, manage finances, reestablish family bonds, address anger, drug and alcohol issues. We not only give them the tools to be successful but also to give the offenders encouragement and support.

We take pride in what we have accomplished in the last few years. Jailer Phil Gregory and our staff take our jobs seriously. We want the people who come into our facility to leave this facility with more knowledge, education, and hope for their future.