A local artist has been honored recently with her ability which is now featured on a children's book called The Alphabet Children.

Teresa Snorton of Russellville has been drawing and creating for most of her life. She would never have dreamed of what she once did as a hobby would someday be seen by a multitude of people.

Snorton was contacted a few months ago by Dr. Al Blumenberg, an author out of Chicago, Ill. He saw her art on Facebook and contacted her about an up-and-coming project.

The Alphabet Children is an interactive book designed to encourage children in the ages of 5-7 years old to develop word recognition by identifying the beginning letter of each word. This book was created to inspire future generations to have fun while learning to read and expand their vocabulary to its highest level.

Snorton worked with Blumenberg creating the front cover of his book.

"She is a great artist," said Blumenberg, who knew he wanted Snorton to be part of the project.

This is not the first book Blumenberg has written. He wrote Man Pull Your Pants Up, a book that provides perspectives on the origins of Saggin along with brilliant and hilarious examples to explain some simple but deep truths. In those truths that revealed, Blumenberg explains why Saggin is not only dangerous to an individuals self-esteem and image but most importantly why it's a destroyer of their destiny.

Dr. Blumenberg has a unique story himself, rising from a life of crime and gangs to serving the Lord by example.

Blumenberg has over 20 plus years in ministry and feels he has a calling and gift as an apostle of social justice. He says his spiritual insight and wisdom allows him to operate in the gift of a prophet, while his governmental and administrative talents allow him to give revelatory words of wisdom to churches and local governments in the areas of social justice.

Snorton was able to meet Blumenberg face to face recently as he visited her last month. She became somewhat of a managing force while he was in Logan County scheduling him to appear on WRUS, meet with the News-Democrat & Leader, as well as have a book signing, and visiting with the jailer at the detention center.

Blumenberg says he will be returning to Russellville soon and hopes to use his past and influence with inmates at the jail. He would also like to speak at the local school systems concerning school shootings and bullying.

Blumenberg says he has accomplished what he has through the grace of God.

"This is only the beginning," said Blumenberg.

Alphabet Children was released in May 2018 and can be found on Amazon.