Russellville’s City Council passed a second reading Tuesday, Oct. 3 amending an ordinance that will now only allow those who live in residential areas to have two yard sales a year.

The ordinance states, in order to better serve the economic and aesthetic interests of the city and its citizens, the council deems it appropriate and necessary to revise the current ordinance with regards to yard and tag sales.

“The reason the city is amending its ordinance is to line it up with the already existing zoning regulations the city has on the books,” said Russellville Mayor Mark Stratton. “We are not trying to stop people from having yard sales or get rich on their profits, but we do have to make sure both of our laws match.”

Some citizens have numerous yard sales per year which causes a high volume of traffic in neighborhoods.

The new ordinance adds that if a citizen conducts a yard or tag sale within a commercial B-2 zone, they are required to register as a business and remit annual net profit tax to the City of Russellville.

A business license will cost $25 and lasts for one year with an obligation to pay taxes on all net profits of two percent at a minimal of $25.

Absent at the Tuesday, Oct. 3 meeting of the Russellville City Council were Jimmy Davenport, Larry Wilcutt.