Photo by Chris Cooper Another building comes down on the square in Russellville.

Photo by Chris Cooper

Another building comes down on the square in Russellville.

The Hotel Duncan project on the square in Russellville is picking up speed as two more properties come down in preparation to begin building.

"The demolition has to come first," said project manager Jim Adams, who was hired a few months ago to handle the operation for owner Deborah Hirsch. "This is going to happen," he assures the community.

Russellville Planning and Zoning Administrator Bill Pearson told the NDL in August he would not allow a demolition permit for another building to be taken down on the square by Mrs. Hirsch until she was ready to build something back.

"I have received everything I have asked for from Mr. Adams. The new manager is on the ball and she (Hirsch) is ready to go," said Pearson.

This doesn't, however, mean the hotel will be going up this week or next. According to Pearson and Adams, final plans have to be submitted to the state and there is no telling how long the state will take to review them. Once they review and approve the building permit, then it will be back on Pearson's desk.

"As far as locally, they have provided me with what I needed to issue a demolition permit," said Pearson, who did so Tuesday.

Demolition of the old Perry's Drug Store building that once housed Crazy Ray's Pawn Shop was taken down Tuesday night and workers have started to take down the building that once housed Tax Express.

According to Adams, Hirsch purchased the two recent properties not to make the hotel bigger but to move it over from 4th Street as not to crowd the corner.

"Once we get the buildings down we will be submitting our plans to Frankfort," said Adams. "They will have to approve it. This is no different than any other project in town. We will be pushing as hard as we can."

Adams said the main focus at this time will be on the Duncan project but assures there are many things to come.